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Small Animal Research Imaging Core

Overview of Services

In vivo small animal imaging is increasingly used as an important facet of biomedical research. In translational research programs, imaging can be used as a high throughput, relatively inexpensive method for assessing normal tissue/organ function, disease pathophysiology, and new therapies. Since imaging can be performed in anesthetized subjects, it provides unique pre-clinical information that is relevant to humans and is extremely useful for temporal evaluation of tissue phenotype.


The SARIC has been designed to provide researchers with state-of-the-art in vivo imaging technology to evaluate anatomy, tissue function, cellular and molecular phenotype, blood/fluid flow, metabolism and to assess pharmacokinetics and stem cell function in small animal models. The technologies available at the SARIC are designed to provide researchers with an array of choices according to practical issues such as spatial resolution, temporal resolution, tissue differentiation, sensitivity for contrast agent, and performance of contrast agents. The components of the facility include:

  1. MicroPET/SPECT/CT imaging
  2. Ultra-high frequency small animal ultrasound imaging
  3. Biophotonics imaging

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Staffed Hours: M - F, 9 - 5

Open to trained users 24/7      

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Links and Resources

  1. Small Animal Research Imaging Core Institution Web Page 
  2. OHSU Core Facilities Web Page


Name Role Phone Email Location
William Packwood, BS
MicroPET/SPECT-CT and Ultrasound Coordinator

Aris Xie, MS
Biophotonics (IVIS) Coordinator

Jonathan Lindner, MD
Supervising PI

Yan Zhao



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