Flow Cytometry




 Flow Cytometry will have instruments available at KCRB starting on September 21th.  Instruments are the ARIAFusion, Fortessa, and MacsQuant.  


There is a new 19-color analytical instrument, the BD FACSymphony, available in RJH.



The KCRB Aria Fusion Sorter is available with an operator EVERY DAY!

Please book:

Dorian: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Bri: Tuesday and Thursday


Pamela: Tuesday-Friday 



To book time on an instrument or with an operator please choose the "Schedule Equipment" tab above.



OHSU Research Cores and Shared Resources Acknowledgement & Authorship Policies

Acknowledgement Policy

The use of data generated in a core facility in a grant application, progress report or publication contains the implicit understanding that the PI or authors will acknowledge the use of the core facility.  Since many of our facilities are supported by federal agencies, such acknowledgments are essential for obtaining continuing support. 

Authorship Policy

If core personnel provide significant intellectual input to the results submitted for publication, then it is reasonable and appropriate to include them as co-authors.  Since circumstances vary widely, each case should be considered individually, and the core should be consulted for review prior to publishing.


Overview of Services


The OHSU Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR) has operated as a core resource for OHSU

researchers and the Knight Cancer Institute members since 1996 and the Oregon Stem Cell

Center since 2005. It provides advanced flow cytometry instrumentation, technical expertise

and technical services.


The FCSR also provides training in data interpretation, experiment design and routine

instrument operation, offering investigators a cost-saving option of doing some of the work

themselves. Finally, this resource saves valuable investigator time by analyzing specimens and

preparing them, if needed. For more information, please contact the core director Philip Streeter

or click this link to visit our website. 


Location and hours of operation

• Richard Jones Hall (RJH) 5380

• Lab Phone: 503-418-2986 (Ext. 8-CYTO)

• Operators available for assistance Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

• Open 24/7 to trained investigators with access

Links and Resources

Core Website        http://www.ohsu.edu/flowcytometry

Instrument Laser and Filter Configurations



          General Immunofluorescence Staining Protocol

          Cell Cycle Analysis 

          LSR setup and general use

          MACSQuant Quick Guide

          Vi-Cell Quick Guide


 MAP to the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource




Name Role Phone Email Location
Philip Streeter PhD
Core Director
503 494-1762
Biomedical Research Building (BRB) 7
Brianna Garcia
Flow Cytometry Operator
503 494-0661
Richard Jones Hall (RJH) 5379
Dorian LaTocha
Flow Cytometry Operator
503 494-0661
Richard Jones Hall (RJH) 5379
Sara Christensen
Flow Cytometry Operator
503 494-0661
Richard Jones Hall (RJH) 5379
Pamela Canaday
Flow Cytometry Operator
503 494-0661
Richard Jones Hall (RJH) 5379

Available Equipment and Resources

Core Personnel (4)
KCRB Analyzers (2)
RJH Analyzers (6)
Sorter schedules for reference only (3)
Workstation (2)


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